Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Are a Go!

I'm sitting at home with my very new laptop! Wuhoo! We finally got a new computer that actually works! So now I'm ready to start blogging normally again! We send my broken camera in to get fixed. Well we sent it in, in hopes that we can get it fixed under warrenty :) I'm doubtful they will believe our "the screen doesn't work" as a warrenty problem and not an idiot user who drops cameras problem!

Things have been busy at home. I love working Part Time, I just wish the job I have was busier. I do hate being bored. However, I knew going into it was just temporary and I knew it was another office job setting. It's money. I'm thankful I have it.

Things with my passion job (Real Estate) is moving along nicely. I'm turning in a new listing today and putting together another one tonight! I will close on a house next month and have a potential listing/buyer in a few months! I'm praying it only gets busier. Afterall, my goal is to do this full time. I'm just praying the market gets stronger.

Well I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant. I feel like this one is creeping along. CREEPING. I feel big already. I'm already showing and having a hard time finding clothes to keep it hidden. Not everyone at my new job knows I'm pregnant yet. I had terrible morning sickness for a few weeks. I've never had it before, so I was shocked that I was so sick. Thankfully, I feel better already. I have some bad days, but it's not 24/7 like it was! I'll do more posts on pregnancy and belly shots as soon as I get my camera back. I love my midwife and thankful I found the practice and thankful I have the opportunity to give birth in a birthing center! (more on that later too!)

So I'm up and running and will get back to my love of blogging and pinning (Pinterest!) and picture taking!

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  1. Pinning? Pinterest? I'm sooo behind on special blogging words!