Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st day of Preschool

I know it's not the first day of Kindergarten but it's still a big deal in our house. The first day of Preschool.Preschool. It just means we are one year closer to real, go all day long, learn, eat, ride a bus, school. I don't know when it happened but it happened. My son grew up. It feels like just yesterday I was dealing with an extremely independent infant, who wouldn't let me hold him or rock him or even feed him (he would always grab the spoon from my hand, at 4 months old!). Now, he headed out the door wearing his new Transformers book bag and full of excitement to learn.

He is more ready for this than I am. Isn't that what ALL Mom's say? I guess I'm just another cliche in that regard. He said how he's ready to learn to write out his whole name and read and spell and play on the computer in the classroom. I'm thankful he's ready to do all this. Have I mentioned he's independent? He doesn't want me to teach him anything. He gets frustrated when I do. I'm hoping a teacher will have a better outcome than I. While it's not all day Preschool, it's a start to learning the fundamentals.

We prayed for him today, that he will have a good day. At Back to School night, he was a bit worried because his friends from Daycare weren't there and many of the children knew each other because they all went to that church where the Preschool is held. He said he didn't have any friends. So if you think of him, say a little prayer, it's no fun being the new kid and leaving your friends behind.
Isn't he the cutest? (please ignore crappy cellphone photos. My camera is in the shop getting fixed!)

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  1. Happy first day Ryan! Just sent up a prayer for you!!