Wednesday, October 12, 2011

baby bump

(15 weeks)
Well I'm 16 weeks today. I feel like time is just standing still for this pregnancy. Mostly because I'm anxious to find out what we're having and just anxious to not be pregnant anymore. I love giving birth but I hate being pregnant. I hate gaining weight, looking puffy, not sleeping, breaking out, losing my hair...the only thing great (well not the ONLY thing) but I actually have boobs (sadly they never last). Growing a human inside my body is pretty amazing too. I'll find out (hopefully) what we're having on Monday. What do you think? Boy or Girl?
I'm feeling more movement, at least I'm assuming it is. Even though this is my 3rd, you still have doubts about what you're feeling. Is it gas or baby? I felt something at 13 weeks, which is very early, but have heard from friends that they felt movement with their 3rd as early as 11 weeks! Although some little kicks are pretty undeniable baby movements. I always wish for tons of movement, but when my babies get bigger I hate it. With my son his kicks and jabs hurt, I mean I felt I was internally bruised, I was so sore in some spots...and they seemed to be the same spots over and over. While I can't wait to feel more, I dread the soreness.
I don't know my weight gain and frankly I don't care. I already have anxiety about it. I worked hard to lose weight and that has always been a struggle for me (and I wasn't even at my goal when I got pregnant, I still wasn't "skinny"), yet gaining seems to be easy as pie for me...I haven't been going crazy with food or anything bad, just eating normally, but eating more often, I'm hungry more often. My stomach will growl at 10pm some nights--some nights I ingore it, other nights I have a snack (my Midwife said to eat, my baby is growing and my body is telling me to eat). So it is what it is. As long as I eat normally and get a few days of exercise in (which I've been trying to do) I should be ok. But since it's ME, I'm sure I'll gain too much.
I've been told I have been pretty cranky this time around and I was told I was pretty cranky with Ryan, so my family thinks I'm having a boy. I just think people are extra annoying lately :)
So there you have it, an update on my pregnancy. I hope to have another pregnancy photo up sometime this week, I don't think I've changed much, I showed really early this time around, but have seemed to slow down a bit, but I got a new hairdo, which I'm adjusting'll see how my hair looks tomorrow and then I might take another photo.

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