Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dreaming of a White Christmas

I am returning to the blogworld to update you on my life. I'm sure all of you are just sitting at the edge of your seat waiting anxiously to hear what has been going on with me! .....anyone?
I'm 25 weeks pregnant today! I feel about 9 months pregnant, not 6. I already feel heavy and tired and my back aches. I feel huge. I've also gained more weight than I would ever admit and I have only myself to blame. It's the sweets. I eat healthy for all my meals (fast food and greasy stuff just make my stomach sick, so I don't eat it) but sweets...oh the sweets! My mouth literally waters for them! My mom reminds me I can worry about everything after I give birth..which is true. I lost all my weight and more after I had Molly and I know what I need to do for me, just seeing the scale go up and up is so hard for me! This is the last baby for us, so might as well go all out and enjoy it right? My midwife laughs at me and says I look great and is not the least bit concerned about my weight gain, I'm right on track. Have I mentioned how much I adore my Midwife? ADORE. She's amazing...she almost makes me want to have another baby!
So baby...ah baby. He's still nameless. For both Ryan & Molly we had their names picked out before I reached this stage in my pregnancy. This little guy...he's proving to be more difficult. Boys names are hard. I think I've mentioned this a zillion times. Girl names are abundant, so abundant that boys names are becoming girl names and that leaves the boy name list even smaller. We also have large families with lots of cousins who are having lots of babies, so that leaves our list even we have some in mind and we go back and forth, but nothing determined yet...except for the middle name. We use family names for the middle names for our kids. Ryan has my FIL's name and Molly has my Mom's middle name as her middle name. If we were having a girl we would have used my MIL's name for her middle name, but since we're having a boy (yay!) we're using my Dad's name. Dennis. Yup. Dennis. We could use his middle name Dale, but if you know my dad you'd know he would love to has his first name used instead. So, Dennis it will be...try finding a name that goes well with that?! Thankfully, our top choices flow to decide on the first name.
So..long story short. This little guy is still nameless. I suppose we have time to decide, but it would just be nice to start calling him by name and getting some things for him w/ his name on it (like some sweet artwork I found on Etsy!).
Christmas is next Sunday. I can't believe it. This season has flown by. I have some stocking stuffers to get, otherwise I'm all done. House was decorated right after Thanksgiving (mainly to get it done and for the kids...Ryan was begging me early November to get things up!) We have so many family members coming into town this season and my brother and his girlfriend just moved here from ND, it's going to be crazy this year! I'm so happy though, some of Jimmy's side of the family from CA are coming and I adore his family out in CA, so I can't wait to have them here! My Uncle from GA is coming and he's amazing, so I'm excited for him to come as well. I just have a feeling we won't be getting much sleep in the next few weeks! (good practice I guess!)
The kids saw Santa the other day at a local Diner in our small town. Everyone came, my parents, Jimmy's parents, Jimmy's Grandma from CA and Tio Nick. We love the Diner (it's retro!) and the kids love seeing Santa there...or should I say Ryan loves seeing Santa there. We went last year as well, and the same person played Santa again this year and actually remembered Ryan! They got Santa hats and candy and we all had a big lunch! As long as the Diner is open and does this we'll go there every year...sure beats the lines at the Mall!
Well there you have it. Update-ish on our life. In January we'll have a birthing class at the Birth Center and hopefully I'll be able to take some pics and show you where I'll be giving birth and more on that! I also have another u/s tomorrow (well the real one, the first one was gender reveal only) and give you an update on how little guy is doing. I'm praying that he's happy, healthy and growing strong!
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh thank you for updating, Erica!!! Excited to hear from you again. :) Hope your ultrasound goes well, and that you can soon pick out a name that both you and Jimmy agree on. :)