Wednesday, January 11, 2012

29 weeks.....

29 weeks! I feel like I should be 39 weeks, at least in how I look! I was looking at old pictures of me around the same time with Molly and Ryan and it's hard to tell how much I compare to either of them. I believe I was a little smaller with Molly, however I didn't gain weight all over the place with her, just in the belly area. I also have gained the least amount of weight with her. Yes, I already know this, because I have already surpassed the weight gain. Fun isn't it? My fault? Sure. When I'm seriously craving Chocolate pudding every night (although I do use skim milk and get the organic kind!) it tends to make you put on some weight. I didn't gain anything at my last visit, so I suppose that's good. I also can't be exercising. Even doing simple housework has become almost a burden. My back hurts like hades and I can't stand up straight or move. Plus, I'm trying to control my blood pressure (which has crept up, but thankfully stayed the same last I have to keep doing what I'm doing..taking it easy). This pregnancy is so similar to Ryan's. I think I have one pregnancy for boys and one for girls. I'm just praying that my blood pressure stays under control, if it gets to Preeclampsia, there is no option for water birth or Birth Center---which ISN'T an option for me. I NEED both those things. I'm not covered w/ insurance. We can afford the Birth Center out of pocket cost...therefore...we NEED it.

(why don't I have insurance, but the rest of my family does? let's just say it's CRAZY expensive to add me to the family plan and the hubby's income is commission based, it's not worth it..looking into plan for family not through his work).

Anyway, my appointments are now down to every 2 weeks, which I love. I feel that the time goes faster that way and that means I'm winding down.

Which..also terrifies me. I have so much to do. So many clothes to go through, a new bed to buy (for Molly), setting up Ryan's room to share with the baby (eventually) and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! All while trying to take it easy (was told to take small breaks, drink lots of water and put my feet up at the end of the day) this should be interesting!


  1. Erica - I feel your pain about insurance. I had to add maternity coverage to my private insurance and it was very expensive - can't afford it anymore. I'm on my own plan with the boys because Grant's work is ridiculously expensive - more than our mortgage per month!

  2. Wow girl that's scary about the insurance! Will be praying for you! Keep those feet up and that sodium intake down. :)

    And btw you look great. And you know my belly was just as big with Krew. I share in your pain, girl.