Tuesday, August 21, 2012

life changes....

Life changes. You don't know where life will lead you, what it will teach you, how it will hurt you, how it will fulfill you. Life is exciting, challenging, fleeting and happy.

Our life is all of that.

So I'll start out with the first change of our life. The biggest change. The really trusting in God right now change!
Jimmy has decided to Join the Army National Guard. Yes. He. Did. This is something he has been thinking about for a long time.  He's always wanted to join the military. He wanted to join the  Marines out of High School, but didn't as his dad wasn't so approving. It's something he's always regretted and so that leads us to here. After months and months of us talking about it and him researching it and talking with a co-worker (who was in the Army) about it. He's decided to join. My friend is a Sergeant in the National Guard and so she sent us to the a really good recruiter. One that she trusts and respects. He isn't the kind that is in it for the numbers, but because he cares. So we met with him last week, I asked a ton of questions, we went over paperwork and he will be going Monday and Tuesday he goes to the Armory in Indianapolis (along with his recruiter) and will sign his contract.

So how will this benefit our life? Jimmy will do the Guard part time after all his training. He'll get credits for schooling, schooling will be paid, he will get a job doing something completely different (IT) and will be able to finally change his career, and be able to make more money for our family. Another good perk? The health insurance. Jimmy's insurance through work is insane! $150 a week, JUST for him and the kids. (and his work is commission based!) I'm currently not covered, and with the cost of insurance through the Guard (only $150 a MONTH) he will be able to cover our ENTIRE family and get rid of the insurance through his work. Which will save us LOTS of money..which in the end will allow me to quit my part time job and stay home full time with the kids! So for us it works. It's terrifying (for me) and exciting all at the same time. 

More life changes: 
Ryan will NOT be attending Kindergarten this year. We are keeping him back a year to mature a bit. He's made so much progress this summer with writing all his letters and now spelling words and learning to read, that I know he'll just flourish once Pre-K 2 starts. I'd rather him be ahead of the game, then fall behind. He already gets so frustrated when he can't do something right the first time. He still needs to learn to focus and take on a full day of school. Pre-K2 is just that, full day preschool. So I know he'll be really ready to start Kindergarten next year. 
Molly will also be starting preschool this year. Since her birthday falls in October, she will be in the 2 year old class instead of the 3's. Which I do hope she's not terribly bored in her preschool class this year. She is a quick learner and already knows all her ABC's, can recognize each letter, upper case and lower case, she knows all the sounds letters make (phonics) all her colors, her shapes, she can count past 20, knows all her numbers and even can read some words. I think she is picking up all this while we are teaching Ryan things...like I said she's a quick learner and she really enjoys learning!  I do think she will enjoy being with other kids and learn structure, which is always a good thing! 

Henry is getting so big, he's rolling over all the time and he loves doing it. He's still a bit wobbly and can't sit up on his own yet...I sure hope he can before he's 7 months! He's a little late in the game for that! He's teething like crazy, but nothing popping through. He's still not sleeping completely through the night, he'll fuss a bit here and there and I have to give him his paci and pat his back. He does try to scoot while on his belly, he'll try to get on his knees and scoot forward (witnessed this the first time at church in the nursery) so maybe he'll crawl before he sits up?! He loves baby food and is a good eater, he seems to be hungry all the time lately! He's happy and smiley and loves being held and cuddled and being near people. 

Life changes for me? Most of mine are still a work in progress. Running. Doing it more, loving it more, still hard as ever! Real Estate, going well, but going to put it on hold for awhile, just have to sell 2 of my listings. I just don't have the time/energy to put everything I need into it for it to be really successful and with Jimmy leaving soon that will leave me no time to devote to it. Part time gig--hopefully by next year I will no longer need to work part time! 

Life is crazy, life is busy, life is changing....and this time change is good!


  1. Wow so much going on Erica!! Will you guys have to move since Jimmy is joining the army? What a nerve-wracking life change - but so awesome that you're following God's will.

    Loved reading the updates on the kids. We will probably hold Greyden back from kindergarten a year as well, as he'd be close to the youngest kid. (We kinda wish we could hold Krew back too, given how small he is, but I don't think that's going to be a good option since his birthday is in March. :))

    When is Molly's birthday? I forget how close in age she and Krew are. Would be fun to do playdates if we lived closer, with how close your younger two are in age to my two. :)

    1. We are going to see if we can move with him when he does his 20 weeks job training in GA. We may or may not be able to go, it depends on the head dude down at the camp and what he thinks! So we may not even find out till next year before Jimmy leaves for training! It's funny..I never dated military men because I always thought I'd make a lousy military wife--well God has a funny sense of humor and even crazier..I'm EXCITED about it!

      Ryan's birthday was in May...so he'll be 6.5 when he starts Kindergarten next year...he's a boy and I know boys don't care much about age and he'll be the first in his class to drive and get a job...he'll probably like it. Plus he won't feel behind and get frustrated (he's so hard on himself)!!!

      Molly's birthday is October 5th. She'll be 3 soon!

      Next time you visit IN, we should plan a little get together, even if it's an hour or so, would love to see you and see your little guys!!

    2. Well, GA is BEAUTIFUL so if you did get to move, I know you'd love the area. :)

      I will be in Indiana in October! I am actually thinking I will probably drive (by myself) with both boys. Am I out of my mind?? Yes. But money is so tight for us now since we'll have two kids in daycare and I'm taking such a long maternity leave. It will save me like $600 to drive instead of fly, AND I'll have a car so I can come and go as I wish. Where do you live exactly??

      Will be praying for you girl. You will do an awesome job. I'm sure there will be frustrations and tears, but it's all in God's hands. :)