Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Oh Baby

Well I am winding down in the pregnancy, but at the same time feel like I have forever to go. I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger each day and I look like I'm 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any day now. I still have time to gain more weight which is horrifying. I was lucky enough at my last Dr. appt. to not gain any weight whatsoever, not even an ounce...however, I think that will be a different story this visit. I fear I have gained a lot plus what i missed out on last week! I just pray I gain less than what I did with Ryan, oh LORD please let me gain less! I'm more active this time, I walk, I take stairs, I park far away, I do yoga type I'm much more active, yet the weight still creeps on and on and on....

I am sooo curious as to see what this little girl will look like! So curious!! I imagine her one way, but I'm sure she'll come out completely different. I am hoping she looks a lot like Ryan...he's so adorable and mostly has his daddy's features, which is fine by me! She can have my eye color and my chin...and that's about it! Please Lord, don't burden her with my horrid gene pool! Blue eyes, curly dark brown hair and olive skin, that would be so cute! I wonder if she'll have a lot of hair or really none at all (not that it matters much since she'll most likely lose it all!) dark eyes or light eyes, dark skin (like Ryan had when he was born) or pinkish skin? Is she going to be an 8lb baby or smaller (I'm odd, I want her 8lbs or over!) birthmark or not? I had a huge birthmark on my hand when I was born that went away as an infant, I just wonder if she'll have one as well? I just can't wait to see her and see who she will look like and how she will be? A better sleeper than Ryan please!!

Well our nightmare house situation is finally done. Our ceiling is back in and the kitchen and both bathrooms are freshly painted. No more leaky pipes and dust and dry wall and mess all over my house! I spend over 4 hours on Saturday cleaning and scrubbing everything, the walls, the floors, the carpets, everything! I think that was a bit of a mistake though as I could barely walk on Sunday my back hurt so bad! But it had to be done and now my house is really clean, and now livable!!! I hate having my house in disarray like that!
Hopefully this weekend we can FINALLY get Ryan his big boy mattress and boxspring and move him into the guest room so we can get her room ready and everything. I hope to order the bedding I like this weekend. I'm so excited to get it! we're also painting ryan's dresser/changing table to match so I'll need it soon to get swatches for paint. So much to do still, and I feel like I'm really slacking this time around. I still have to clean the carseat, the bouncer, the swing, some bottles (just in case), pacifiers, boppy covers, clothes, sheets...all that stuff! I wish I had timet to take off before the baby comes, but unfortunately I have to work till I deliver basically! So my weekends will not be relaxing but consumed with cleaning and organizing. Thank goodness I'm not on bedrest this time around or I'd be in trouble! (or begging for anyone to come help!)
Well in less than 2 months, my little girl will be here--and then the real fun will begin!

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