Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time is flying more ways than one

Not only do I have like a little over a month left of being pregnant but my son is growing up way too fast!
We finally moved him into the bigger bedroom (which was our guest room) and got him a new mattress for his big boy bed. We put that off for far too long, mostly because he HATES change and getting out of his routine, so I was afraid of how he would act, second, we are just lazy and didnt' feel like shelling out the money to get him the mattress/boxspring. As it turns out, I was wrong about how he would react! He was so exctied and was dancing and jumping and oooh and aaahing about his new room! Which made me so happy to see that kind of reaction! We got him a new dresser and headboard/footboard. Everything is moved over and it's not officially his big boy room! I still need to do some decorating on the walls, but one thing at a time! I just can't believe how big he's getting and how much he's talking now. Like over night he just starts to stay these words that I didn't even know he knew, like suitcase! ? really?! We were putting things in the attic and he's like, suitcase going in attic too? really?! it cracked me up! Now just have to get the boy to want to sit on the potty....i'm not sure where he gets his stubborness (?) :)

Now that his old room is cleaned out--sort of--I can finally start getting ready for Molly's arrival! I still have to order the bedding, which I will do either this weekend or early next week. I have to clean out the dresser and the bookshelf. Then clean the crib and mattress, then (when we get the bedding) paint the changing table. Wash all of her clothes, blankets and the bouncer, swing, car seat and bottles (just in case!) So still so much to do! I keep thinking, my word at this time in my pregnancy with Ryan I was on bed rest! I cant' imagine being put on bed rest at this point!!! I can't believe I have so much to do! I'm so excited to meet her and so nervous that I won't have everything done in time! I am very thankful though that I most likely will not be on bed rest this time around! I can't believe how different this pregnancy is then with Ryan!!

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  1. hey girl! thanks for checking out my blog. :) and for the positive comments!! i hope that you can find something that you find more enjoyable someday... maybe you should be a doula!!

    i can't believe you're about to have baby #2 - and i love the name molly! (my bf from high school was named molly...) best of luck with everything when the new baby comes and maybe we can come visit sometime soon.

    btw, dave & i are heading to costa rica tomorrow night for a mission trip so keep us in your prayers...