Saturday, December 12, 2009


**Me and Molly in the Hotel** **wearing her bathing suit and swimming for the first time**
**Deep dish goodness**
Last night Jimmy, Molly and I just got back from a week in Chicago or Schaumburg really. Jimmy was there for schooling and he's normally only gone for 2 days but this was a 5 day training session. He begged me to go...and I decided to go. I took the baby and Ryan stayed w/ both sets of Grandparents. I basically stayed in the hotel all day long until around 4:30 when Jimmy got back from schooling. So my life was HGTV and TLC all day long! We did some Christmas shopping and I got all of my shopping done (now I get to do the fun part..wrap them!) then we did some swimming. Molly's first time in the swimming pool and in her bathing suit (it's a 12 mo for this summer and I think she might not fit into it!) We also went downtown Chicago to eat at Gino's Pizza and stopped by American Girl...that place..AMAZING! I wanted so many dolls and things for her! I did get the enitre collection of books for the doll Molly (of course!) she's the historic character from WWII. Chicago is so beautiful downtown during the holiday season w/ all the lights. Plus there was lots of snow, which got me even more in the mood for Christmas. Then we came back home...and no snow. What is Christmas w/ no snow? Basically we ate a lot and shopped..that was the events of this week. A little boring, but also nice to get away for a bit..and nice that the meals were on BMW :) Thanks!

Oh, Molly is also already 2 months old, so we took some of those pictures as well. I will get professional ones taken eventually....really I will! I slacked on that w/ Ryan Molly isn't missing much!

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  1. I LOVE going to BMW training with Dave. :) I have so much fun being lazy in the hotel. Last time I went I got a massage too. So much fun! Hope you guys had a good Christmas!!