Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis The Season

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner! It honestly doesn't feel like the holidays. It's been unseasonably warm and no snow has fallen yet, which snow usually falls early November.

This will be Molly's first Christmas and kind of a boring one for her, she won't remember a thing, nor will she be able to open gifts. We decided not to get her anything, that the Grandparents will be getting her enough that it's not necessary to get anything.

She had her 2 month check up on Monday. She is 12lbs 9oz! She is almost 23 inches long too. She's a chunky monkey and I love it! I love babies are that a bit chunky and cute. Her face has filled out and looks a bit more like Ryan, although I've been told she looks somewhat like me too...which I'd rather her look more like Ryan!! She is a very smiley baby and very happy, except when she's hungry, she's very impatient!! She likes to be held a lot, which I'm not used to, Ryan wasn't big on being I can't get much done around the house with her wanting to be held all the time, she only wakes up once a night and sleeps till sometimes, 9:30am! She is so cute and such a blessing.

I just got Ryan his Christmas gift today a Kitchen at Target...I'm so excited as I know he'll love it! He loves to help cook at my mom's house and tries to help at home too..but my kitchen is so small he just gets in the way, but I know it's something he'll play with for hours and somethign Molly will use when she gets older too!!

Just a few more things to get for everyone and I'm done!


  1. Well look who decided to blog! :)

    I wouldn't get a two month old Christmas gifts either. Save your money for when she's older and will remember it!

    Yay for kitchen sets. Remember when we use to play with your play food for hours? The cupcakes! Love it.

  2. :) my nephew daniel helped me wash dishes on thanksgiving!! i love how helpful little kids, even boys, can be in the kitchen!! sounds like ryan will have a ton of fun with his christmas present!!