Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas come and gone

Christmas has come and gone. I can't believe how fast this Holiday season has been. I feel like I just put up the Christmas tree! Now, it's time to take it down..which I hope to do this weekend! We had a wonderful Christmas and got blessed with many wonderful things! Ryan of course made out quite well with more things then he could of hoped for. Christmas so much fun this year as he loves opening gifts and actually likes the gifts inside the boxes (last year, the boxes seemed to be more entertaining!). He got so into the season, he enjoyed the Christmas lights and the old movies, especially Rudolf and the new Veggie Tale Christmas movies. He also loved opening the advent house every night to get a special treat. Everyday he asked if it was Christmastime...the joy of a's so infectious!

Not only has the Holiday season flew by, but so has my maternity leave. I will be heading back to work on Monday and I can't believe I'll be leaving my little girl. I am going to miss her and miss all the things that she will do while I'm at work. I don't really know how I will feel about everything until she rolls over or crawls for the first time when I'm not there to see it. That thought makes me sick to my stomach. I was lucky enough to stay home with Ryan till he was 17 months old...I saw all the milestones, the first words, the I feel I might miss out on these things with Molly. I am blessed that my mom is going to be watching her and not total strangers, but I still wish it was me, all day long. I have enjoyed spending this much time with her..3 months! I'm blessed I was able to take time off to be able to do so. I will just miss our time together during the day. She's such a cuddly happy baby, I will miss her smiles and giggles and cooing through out the day. However, I can't complain too much as I'm so blesssed to have a job. I enjoy my job and just got a letter in the mail stating that I got a raise! It's not much, but it's a raise, nonetheless! Such a blessing during this tough economy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year with many blessings to come! I know I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen this year? 2009 was a big year, pregnancy, birth, Ryan turning 2, traveling to CA, births, deaths, happiness, matter what God has been good and faithful through out 2009 and I know he will continue during 2010....(I'm secretly praying he'll find a way for us to move back to Indianapolis!!!).

Here is my little girl. She is the biggest blessing of 2009!

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