Friday, March 4, 2011

I just purchased.....

Both from Urban Outfitters. First time purchase from there (I know, I know) but I'm such a frugal shopper! This cute Peter Pan bow tie cardigan: $14.99! The earrings (for both sets): $9.99!
I'm excited to get these! As a mama the wardrobe seems to hit the back burner, while you are busy buying clothes and necessities for the little ones. Lately I have decided I will purchase new items for myself here and there. I think it's ok to feel pretty and womanly, not always a frazzled mama! I'm also a wife--not just a mama--so getting cute new items to add to my non-existent wardrobe only makes me feel sexier for my man--and what husband doesn't want their wife to feel sexy and confident? (as long as you direct those feelings toward your man!)
I also purchased a dress from H&M and one from Victoria's Secret (yes they have real clothes too!). I'm in love with both of them..both items on sale! I feel like I'm beginning to get my old, confident, self back. Who knew a few feminine items would change my emotions and thoughts of myself?!


  1. Still totally in love with Urban Outfitters.. All looks great! xx from Amsterdam

  2. you deserve to feel sexy for sure! i am so proud of you! way to go!

  3. How fun! :) My wardrobe could use some updates, too.