Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life Lately...

He came home! It was a very fast 2 weeks! Doesn't he look good in uniform?!

 We actually had a date night. We only went out twice together. How lame is that? We're at Red Lobster. It was so good and even better since it was paid for thanks to a giftcard!

 Ahh...the shaved head. The worst thing about Basic Training (to me). Thankfully, hair grows. And his grows fast!
 Thanks to hubby being home, I was able to get a lot more solo running time in! Even in the snow!

 Everyone (but me) seemed to be ill during Christmas. Poor Ryan, he was sick on Christmas day!

 Doing a little shopping at a local store called G.I. Joe's! Future soldiers?!

This happened over Christmas. I had a mild heart attack, then quickly got the baby gate from the garage!

Celebrating my cousin getting married. The snow was falling and the candlelit room made it feel magical. (My army friend pointed out that Jimmy is standing at Attention! Ha!)

 Happy New Year! Feeling better and all 3 stayed up to ring in the new year. All we all slept in the next morning till 10:30.

Happy New Year! 

 Having lunch at one of our favorite places in Indy, the day Jimmy had to go back to Basic. It was just me and him that day. Much needed.

Sitting in the USO waiting for his flight to board. Not happy.

Play time!

Bath time! He loves baths and he looks so darn cute too!

I guess all the play earlier in the day wore the little man out!

Wearing his new uniform (or whatever the proper term is) to his Mixed Martial Arts class. He's getting so big.

Life lately has been...strange. It was fantastic to have Jimmy home for Christmas, but depressing to have him leave again. I'm not sure why, but it seems harder this time around. I think because this is the time he'll be gone for a total of 6 months, not the wimpy 1.5 months he was gone earlier before Christmas. He graduates in February from Basic Training, which we'll come down for the 2 days, then he goes directly to his AIT in Georgia and who knows when we'll get to head down there, the kids Spring Break possibly?

Not certain. What I am certain of is my new found respect for single mama's. Whoa. 

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